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Q1 Partitions & Ceilings Ltd
With an emphasis on internal refurbishment, Q1 Partitions & Ceilings Ltd offer a complete Office refurbishment package including design and/or installation, supply and erection of solid and de-mountable office partitioning, along with suspended ceilings, raised floors, fire rated doors and all associated electrical works. In a fast moving business environment, we understand the need for minimum disruption to our clients. Office layouts may be constantly changing and our clients can rest assured that we can respond rapidly to any re-partitioning need within the modern office environment. With many year experience in Office partitioning, we are fully equipped to deal with all sizes ....
MyBuilder's trusted review system makes it easy to find recommended builders. ....
Federation of Master Builders
The FMB's Find A Builder matching service is free to use. Tell us about your project & we will match it to local FMB member builders. ....
National Federation of Builders
Use the search facility to find a builder in your area to work on your property, if you are looking for a contractor select this option to choose the specific type of work you require. ....

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