About the A to Z Guides

The A to Z website and associated guides have been designed to make it possible to share local information easily and completeley free of charge. It is an ongoing project and is open to commercial and non-commercial organisations alike. We are happy to include anything that may be of interest to local residents, businesses, or visitors to each area. The magic of the 'web' means that we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can add listings whenever you like.


The first downloadable guide was created over five years ago now and the site has since grown to cover over 350 areas. Rather ironically, we started life as conventional publishers but found that rising costs had to be passed on to advertisers and that more and more users were turning to the Internet rather than relying on traditional print. Accordingly, we made the decision to go 100% digital and haven’t looked back since.

Add Your Details

We would like this guide to be as comprehensive as possible and there are two ways that you can become involved:

  1. Free entry (free)
  2. This can include, your name, logo or photo, contact details (including a link back to your own website), and up to 50 words of text. This will appear both in the guide and on the site itself. There are no catches or obligations and there is nothing to pay, ever.

  3. Local Sponsor (only £25.00 per year)
  4. Exclusive opportunity which would give you maximum coverage including:

    • Your logo on the front of the guide (first 4 only)
    • Guaranteed top listing in the relevant classification both in the guide and on the site
    • our logo and live link on every local page of the site
    • Exclusivity (only one per classification per town)
    • Your listing will appear immediately and will prevent your competitors from taking the slot

The total cost will be a one-off payment of £25. There is nothing else to pay but your information will remain for a minimum of 12 months (although it will be possible to update as required).

We would be extremely grateful for your support and promise to do our best to generate new enquiries for you.

You can add your details here

Contact Us

We are a small friendly team and will be pleased to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

You can contact Andy Pringle by e-mail at andy@atozguide.org or for for general enquiries please feel free to use the form below. We do try and answer all enquiries but do ignore blatant sales pitches or offers which involve a long lost cousin who needs to get money out of a bank account abroad!